All your meteorogical, hydrological, air quality, laboratories and industrial equipments in one company !
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Meteo-Tech Ltd is a privately owned company engaged in supplying and servicing meteorological, industrial monitoring & control, air-quality and aviation equipment in the state of Israel. The company was established in 1989, and employs a staff of over 30, including meteorologists, forecasters, scientists, engineers, programmers, technicians and sales & marketing personnel, all professionals with many years of experience in the fields of meteorology, industrial monitoring, aviation and air-quality services in Israel more...
Laserflash for thin films (TFA) new possibilities to analyze thermophysical properties of thin films from 80nm up to 20 μm thickness.

On-line viscosity sensor for instellation in a pipe or a pan - for better QC of your product

Static and dynamic surface tension of liquid and interfecial tension - for various applications

particles analyser for accurate analysis of the all reometric aspects of your product - in your lab or at the production line

Contact angle and surface free energy analysers for understanding the interaction of surfaces and liquids