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  • Use of the data from the meteorological station at the pier of the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat is free for all and does not require a username or password. Use of data from the floating meteorological station is restricted.
  • Data on this site are updated every hour, by the addition of six lines – a line for every ten minutes in the past hour (each line contains the average value of each parameter measured at one second interval for ten minutes).
  • There are several ways to download or view data, both graphically and as numeric values. Access to data is through the "Data" button at the upper left-hand side of the page.
    • Last Data
      is the last line of data from the previous hour (Note – the station operates on Israel winter time (GMT+2) see “About”).
    • Daily Data
      a table data containing 10-minute averages of the measured parameters for the chosen 24-hour date (Choose day using the tabs/calendar at the upper part of the page). At the bottom of the page a graphic display of the data is given.
    • Weekly Data
      a table summarizing the chosen 7-day period with daily minimum and maximum values, and weekly minimum, maximum and average values.
    • Periodical Data
      allows the user to choose a time interval of interest (daily increments) using the calendars at the upper part of the page.
      • 24 hours
        button is for summary of values (minimum and maximum, see “Daily Data”) for every 24 hours in the chosen time interval.
      • 10 minutes
        button is for the average value for every ten minutes within the chosen interval (actual measurements are at 1-second intervals).
      • table
        is for a numeric display, as a table.
      • graph
        is for a graphic display of the chosen parameter (“Parameter for graph”).
    • Show data
      displays the requested data (table/graph) on your screen.
    • Download data
      downloads the requested data (numeric values) as text. All parameters are downloaded regardless of “Parameter for graph”.
  • Summary
    Daily Summary: a table of minimum and maximum values for the chosen day.
  • Compare
    By Days: up to five days (of your choosing) can be compared side by side either numerically or graphically.
  • About
    detailed information about the measuring station at the IUI. Recommended reading prior to using the data.
  • Home
    refers you to the Israel National Monitoring Program at the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba) (NMP) home page. This is the program running the meteorological station as part of an comprehensive set of monitoring operations encompassing the ecologic environment at the northern end of the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba). The program is funded by the Israel Ministry for Environmental Protection.