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Israel National Monitoring Program at the Gulf of Eilat (NMP)
Meteorological Station
The meteorological station at the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences Eilat (IUI) (coordinates: N 29 30.211 E 34 55.068) includes continuous measurements of air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, global radiation, wind speed and wind direction, as well as water temperature and water pressure (sea level). The station is self contained, consisting of high-end commercial sensors connected to a data-logger, and situated on the IUI pier about 30m offshore. The meteorological station started operating on Sept. 21, 2006 and operates on Israel Winter Time (GMT+2).

Station setup:
Station components:
Description Manufacture Model
Wind monitor MA (speed & direction) Young 05106
Air temperature & relative humidity Campbell Sci. HMP45C
Casing for temp. & RH sensor (radiation protection) Campbell Sci. 41003
Barometric pressure Young 61202
Barometric pressure port (minimize errors caused by wind flow) Young 61002
Global radiation Kipp & Zonen CM11B
Water pressure Campbell Sci. CS408
Water temperature Campbell Sci. 108
Data logger Campbell Sci. CR1000
Station operation:
Wind speed and direction, and air temperature and relative humidity are measured from the top of the main mast on the pier, 10m above sea level (at low tide). The sensor for barometric pressure is located 5m above sea level and the measurement is corrected for sea level. The sensor for global radiation is fixed on a cross-arm extending 0.7m due south from the main mast, some 6m above sea level. Water pressure sensor is encased in a 3-meter long vertical metal tube 3 in diameter fixed to the main supporting pole of the pier (which is the downward extension of the main mast). The encasing metal tube is meant to attenuate high frequency oscillations (i.e. waves). The sensor is located 0.79m below sea level (Calibration to Israel sea level datum is courtesy of Dr. Dov Rosen, IOLR) and also measures water temperature. An additional, dedicated, water temperature probe is located approximately 1m deeper, fixed to the main pole supporting the pier.

All measurements are collected by the data-logger of the station, which is housed in a weatherproof box attached to the main mast. All variables excluding water level are collected by the data-logger at 1-second intervals. Water level values are collected at 1-minute intervals. The measured values are averaged over a 10-minute period and a dedicated computer retrieves the averages every hour. In addition, maximum wind speed and the sigmatheta (standard deviation of wind direction) in each 10-minute interval are recorded. An additional 24-hour summary is provided containing the maximum and minimum values of the measured variables during that period, and their time of occurrence (in the case of wind speed and radiation only maximum values are recorded, and for wind speed its direction is also given). The data are collected by a dedicated computer and stored on the IUI server as part of the NMP database. It is free and available for public use.