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Our instruments, your success

Laboratory Services

אבולוציה של הצבע
Maintenance & Technical Support
Meteo-Tech employs a staff of meteorological specialists who are uniquely qualified to analyze and determine our clients’ needs and requirements, and then design a suitable meteorological system for them. In each and every case, we do our absolute best in order to offer our clients professional-standard solutions without unnecessarily burdening their budgets. The sensors, data logger, software and communications are all carefully selected to conform to the performance requirements as well as to the applicable restrictions.

Since its establishment, Meteo-Tech has designed, built and installed in the field more than 200 automatic, computerized meteorological stations for clients from various sectors. The meteorological stations built by Meteo-Tech operate at military airbases and civil airports, at agricultural farms, universities and research institutions, at industrial plants, wineries, fish farms, and at many other installations where meteorological-climatic information provides safety, scientific, economic or educational benefits. Meteo-Tech offers equipment by internationally reputable and experienced manufacturers. In most cases, the equipment we offer has become the industry standard in Israel.

Our clients enjoy unrestricted advice and technical support – contact our office at 03-6160598.

Contact us
Meteo-Tech Ltd. Meteorological Services, 31 Lehi St. Bnei Brak 5120052, Israel, Tel. 972-3-6160598 Fax. 972-3-6184384