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Weather Forecasting Services

אבולוציה של הצבע
Weather Forecasting Center
Meteo-Tech’s weather forecasting center has been providing forecasting services for the last 20 years. The staff at Meteo-Tech’s weather forecasting center consists of seasoned meteorologists, all professional forecasters with many years of forecsting experience. The forecasting center uses international meteorological models with high resolution, of the most sophisticated in the world, in addition to sophisticated equipment such as rain radar, satellite imagery and real time automatic data from meteorological station all across Israel, hence all the accumulated knowledge and experience are what give Meteo-Techs forecasters the ability to give better and more accurate weather predictions.

Meteo-Tech’s forecasting center serves the general public as well as subscribers-

Subscriber service:

Professional organizations, public and private, that require professional, efficient, continuous service and have need to consult with a meteorologist for a wide range of situations and events, receive this service by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription. Via the subscription our team of meteorologists, in cooperation with the client, analyzes all the clients specific needs and assembles a custom tailored service plan for each client. The forecasts provided are prepared and scheduled in view of the client’s planning considerations and performance objectives.

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Private Customer

The Forecasting Center also provides paid services to the general public. Weather affects all kinds of outdoor events and activities such as weddings, filming, photo shoots, sporting events, etc., so when needed, one can contact the forecasting center and receive a one-time forecast for one day event up to several days.

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Contact our weather center: 03-5408975

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Meteo-Tech Ltd. Meteorological Services, 31 Lehi St. Bnei Brak 5120052, Israel, Tel. 972-3-6160598 Fax. 972-3-6184384