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Building Measurements Sites

אבולוציה של הצבע




Do you have a data collection system? Are you interested in displaying the measurements and\or having easy access to the data? Meteo-tech specializes in constructing websites for Data Visualization.





We build sites that display continuously measured data. Whether you require a simple or complex site, whether the data collection is done by us or by the customer, whether it is required to update the data regularly or once an hour or once a day, whether it is necessary to have the data available for all or only for authorized personnel - we will give you the best solution.





We offer two types of websites:
A unique development - such sites allow full compatibility with Hebrew, graphic adjustments, adding accessibility tools and more.
This is a cloud solution, while data collection can be performed by Meteo-Tech or by the client (by sending the data later via FTP to Meteo-Tech's server).


Sites based on a Vista Data Vision platform - Such sites are user friendly and very easy to work with large data simultaneously. The data presentation meets international standards. The platform allows creating a "dashboard" that displays important data on a single webpage in a simple and quick way; using virtual variables for calculations; sending alerts to individual recipients or distribution groups. The system has a built-in analysis tools that can create automated reports and more.
Vista Data Vision provides a cloud website option or it can be installed on the client's server. Data collection can be performed by Meteo-Tech or by client (by sending it later via FTP to Meteo-Tech's server, in case of the cloud option).
Whether the site is in the cloud and whether it is installed on the client’s server, the client can make changes and adjustments, depending on its needs and the desire to be involved in the management of the site (Meteo-Tech, of course, will be available to the customer to make any changes required).




VDV enables the presentation of data from all types of data loggers, below is a partial list:

Campbell Scientific


RST Instruments


Encardio Rite





Delta Ohm





To see examples please click on the links below:


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