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Ground Operation Systems for Airports
Meteo-Tech’s Aviation division is active in the civil and military aspects of aviation in Israel. The division has diverse scopes of activities, which brings it in close touch with a broad base of customers like, and not limited to, Israel Airport Authority (IAA), Israel Air-Force (IAF) and others.
Meteo-Tech is one of Israel’s leading suppliers of technological systems for the landside operations of civil aviation, working according to the highest international standards. We manage distribution and support of systems of various types and categories and represent foreign companies in Israel. Meteo-Tech accompanies the sales process from early marketing stages, through actual sales, to post-sale support and maintenance.
Meteo-Tech has a crew of experienced engineers programmers and technicians, who support its sales activities. Meteo-Tech, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified, can perform post sale maintenance support; carry out warranty, support for site survey, as well as supporting installations. Through its acute presence in the Israeli airports, Meteo-Tech is never far away from any installation to enable quick response time.
On top of the hardware support, the company has also the capability to perform software support. Through its in-house software engineers Meteo-Tech specializes in writing specific, custom-made applications as well as supporting existing software applications for its customers.
Listed below are the Companies that Meteo-Tech represents including projects and systems sold and delivered through Meteo-Tech:
       Communication & Information Solutions
FREQUENTIS Group, represented in Israel by Meteo-Tech, is a major manufacturer of communication, information and tower automation systems for managing air traffic - civil and military. Notable products include VCS voice/data switches for airports and SMART TOOLS – designed to automate processes at command and control centers by enabling efficient, automatic switching of aviation information for an extensive range of functions at airports.
Frequentis Systems sold and installed, via Meteo-Tech, include:
  • The advanced Electronic Flight Strips (EFS), system and Integrated Operational Display System (IODS), sold to the IAA and both to be deployed in all Israeli airports and ACC's. This equipment will support the IAA's technological thrust.
  • Frequentis won the last IAA tender for 8 domestic VCS (Voice Communication System), systems to be installed in all the Israeli airports. These systems unify all the communication resources available to controllers at all airports. Frequentis is also supplying a VCS to the new tower at Ben-Gurion (including back up). Another success for the VCS 3020X series.
  • AFTN, AIS, OPMET and CIDIN systems sold via Frequentis California (former GWDI), to the IAA and installed at Ben-Gurion airport. The AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network), system handles the exchange of aviation related messages and data between the Israel Airports Authority and international aviation entities. Basically it is an automated communication switchboard. While the AIS stores the aeronautical data.

   A member of FREQUENTIS Group
Systems Interface is the world's leading ATC systems integrator and specialize in Air Traffic Control Tower systems, turnkey Navaid installations, design of integrated communication systems, design and supply of solar powered LED airfield lighted systems and act also as aviation consultants and civil engineering advisors.
Constraint Technologies International (CTI) is a solutions and service company and a market leader for optimization software for the Transport, Travel and Logistics Sector.
Meteo-tech represented CTI in the tender to supply the Gate Management System for the new Ben-Gurion Terminal 3. The gates are a highly important resource at the airport and sophisticated systems are required in order to optimally manage this resource, which is always in short supply and high demand.

          Part of the Global Saab GROUP            
Saab Sensis Corporation is a global provider of air defense, air traffic control, airline and airport operations management, and data integration and distribution. The company serves a global client base and is actively involved in industry organizations and working groups worldwide, helping to address critical issues and develop innovative, real-world solutions.
Saab Sensis supplied its A_SMGCS safety system to the IAA. The system is fully deployed and includes SMRI by SENSIS as well as its well proven Multi-Lateration. The system enables locating aircraft, vehicles, and is used to issue warnings for dangerous situations. This is a keystone project for the IAA safety enhancement. Meteo-Tech is the agent for SAAB Sensis in Israel.

ATM Solutions
SkySoft-ATM’s corporate mission is to rethink the design and the implementation of ATM systems using a new innovative approach. Skysoft also excel in ATM Data recording solutions for safety evaluation, the recording of voice and radar are an important safety component to any airport.
The IAA has renewed its radar and voice data recording system through an international tender. A co-operation between SkySoft and Nice won the tender, in which SkySoft was represented by Meteo-Tech.

               Civil & Military Air Navigation Services
SkyGuide performs the training of the IAA controllers in its school in Switzerland. The breadth of courses includes basic, radar, box and refreshers. This project demands close monitoring and is an ongoing task with multiple courses every year. Meteo-Tech represents SkyGuide in Israel.

IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi is a world leading provider of high-tech solutions in selected niche defense and civil market sectors.
The IDS systems in Israel are used both by the IAA and the CAA for designing airports and air space, procedures and establishing a data base of obstacles. All IDS's software is compatible to ICAO standards. IDS are well known for its high quality products which are installed worldwide. IDS is represented by Meteo-Tech.

Topsonic Systemhaus GmbH is a manufacturer of aircraft noise monitoring systems, environmental information systems and flight and track analysis systems. TopSonic has recently installed a 15 station network for noise monitoring around Ben-Gurion airport. The system is coupled with modern software to monitor excessive noise. This is an important contribution for enabling the operation of Ben-Gurion in a densely populated area.

Thales is one of the largest suppliers of ATC equipment to the civil and military aviation. Thales NAVAIDS can be found in all the airports in Israel and at other locations, helping safe flight procedures as well as efficient ones. Thales is a market leader in ATM NAVAIDS with many products applicable to the Israeli environment.

Apart from these systems Meteo-Tech also markets radios, runway lighting equipment, AODB, FOD identification systems, primary and secondary radars and other systems for land side operation.

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